About Me

I am Emilie Paz.
I guess I could go into some inspirational spiel about my origins and how it lead me to creating this site in the first place. However, I’d probably bore you to death, and then you’d find yourself exiting out and checking your Facebook feed for the 20th time today, sorry. screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-5-02-25-pm

I’m a twenty one year old college girl who has a lot of opinions. I’ve been through some stuff, experienced some things, learned a few tricks, and I am here to show you what I’ve concluded. This is generally a lifestyle blog, with a little bit of entertainment mixed with some wholesome faith-based articles.

I am a communications/media production major, and marketing minor at the University of Houston. I specialize in content creation for general freeform videos, social media (+ social media management) and article writing. Currently I am a part of El Gato Media Network (EGMN), a local Houston network that features local/national/world news and entertainment. screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-4-54-53-pm

I have a background in theatre and stage production, dance, and dabble in a bit of theme coding as well. My hobbies include acting, dancing, running until it hurts, singing to myself and no one else, and engaging in political satire, if I might add.