She Is: A Composition by Emilie Paz

I had to do a creative writing assignment  recently. I decided to write about my dear sister.

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My sister Eryn is head strong, unyielding, and nothing gets in her way. If it does, she embraces the obstacle; she faces her deepest fears…if she had any.

She is resilient, able to defeat all odds stacked against her. She has been through hell and back, and has not even realized what she has accomplished thus far.

She is the underdog we are all rooting for. Even on her deathbed years ago, the devil was no match to her retaliation. She came out alive, and winning ever since.

She is the conqueror. She has the greatest ability to overcome adversity at any level, which astounds me, it astounds my family, and it astounds the strangers who do not know her.

She is independent. Her development and knowledge of life is much greater than what any medical diagnosis could have predicted for her.

She is wise. She has taught me far more than I could ever teach her. Once I became exposed to the challenges my sister would soon face, my own personal problems lost great significance.

She is funny. Her quick-wittedness and snarky attitude leave me stunned at times, but nevertheless entertaining.

She is talkative. She does not speak with her mouth, or with words. She speaks with her hands, with her face, with her thoughts and her actions, and that speaks volumes.

She is able. No diagnosis, no disability, no unfairness will stop her. Autism or not, verbal or not, she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.


She is unstoppable, undefeatable, courageous, and sacrificial.


She is my sister.


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