The Great Day Houston Experience

Today, I visited the set of Great Day Houston as a live studio audience member. This activity was part of my communications class, but after this experience, I plan to attend many more shows!

My life long dream of becoming a producer seemed more tangible, per say, as I had real life experience now, seeing others do exactly what I dream to do. This trip gave me great insight into how a live television show is ran, and watching the behind the scenes nature of it all really made it magical.

Deborah Duncan, the host of the show, was absolutely down to earth, witty, and the biggest personality in the room. She radiated positive energy that definitely carried on to the production crew and other staff members. The vibes were all lovely and positive, and to me, that is really important in creating the atmosphere.

I even got to be on TV a few times! I’ll include some vids links as well. Anyways, just had to update you all. Thank you!

Me on TV Part 1!
Me on TV Part 2!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 6.55.52 PMPre show set up!
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 6.55.24 PM
Sel & I arriving at the studio 🙂

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