Passion Day 1: He Is Risen

Matthew 28:6
He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

My first day at Passion 2016 became quickly an incredible experience right from the beginning. So grateful I am to have been in the presence of over 10,000 kids my age come to worship Christ! It was truly a magical moment looking up at the crowd and seeing everyone gathered together and praise our Lord.

Not only was it nice to be with other people, but in the midst of all the crowdedness, I was able to share a personal connection and had the ability to connect one on one in my relationship with God. I have a hunger for knowledge, and I love learning more about His word. I love studying the word of God and to not only experience it in a unique and entertaining environment, and to listen to the teaching and preaching of speakers, it was just amazing to take it all in. Needless to say I cannot wait to go back tomorrow for more!

I’d like to share some notes that I took while listening to Louie Giglio and some thoughts I had along the way. Louie is a fabulous speaker and his message, delivery, and shear passion really drove the audience and the vibrant mood bouncing about in the arena. His pure love for the word of God showed immensely and I commend him for that.

For all the people who claim to not believe in God, the acclaimed atheists, agnostics, and other non-believers: When God appears, people will mount at His presence, they will bow their heads and fall to the ground, their everyone’s pride and ego will vanish, and all will be humbled.

Some people will say, “Why should we fear God? Shouldn’t God be loving and not strike fear in our hearts?”
To answer that, we should have a healthy fear of God. God is perfect, and He is our creator, would you really be the one trying to look all tough and mighty and big if God himself walked into the room? No. It is perfectly ok to have a healthy fear of Him, it doesn’t mean that God is a big bad scary monster (sorry, I laughed when I typed that) it just means that we should be respectful, humble, and worship Him.

Moving on, let’s talk about the stone for a minute. When Jesus was put in the tomb and covered with a stone, was it giant? Was it tiny? Was the entrance to the tomb just big enough to put your hand in? Or was it a massive entry way with a stone so big that no one could even move an inch? Who knows. One thing is for sure: Jesus had risen, from out of the tomb, out from behind the stone, and alive. The stone was not rolled away to just let Jesus out , but to let us in.

Go was speaking to us, He wanted us to come and see what He has done. Jesus went to deepest pits of hell, suffered and tortured in pain and agony for us, all so that could spend eternal life with Him in Heaven.We are the recipients of the grace work of God! Grace moved the stone. Grace and mercy are two wonderful gifts that God provides for us, not getting what we truly deserve, and getting what we really don’t deserve.

One thing our society likes to do now is play the victim. We are all victims to something. Woe is me, woe is him. Well guess what? Jesus was a victim to sin. But by the grace and power of God, He turned into a victor. Jesus had claimed victory when He had risen, and saved all of us! Corinthians says “God leads us in triumphant procession.”

Another thing is vulnerability. Scars are here because wounds have healed. If we want to fully embrace God, we must not be afraid to get low, and get rid of our invisible crutches or walls that we hide behind, get rid of our coping mechanisms, take risks, to truly understand what He is saying and needing us to do.

Sorry if all of this is all over the place. I had a lot to say and my thoughts cannot be organized properly at 1AM, although I had to write it as soon as I got home.

Jesus is real, God is real, They are real, and fully accessible to have a personal relationship with.

Four things before I go:
1. Jesus is alive.
2. God has done it all.
3. God is a reality to everyone.
4. After accepting Christ, we have a new identity, a new mindset, a spiritual awakening that drives us to be more alive in our relationship with Christ than ever before. 



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