College Myths: High schoolers Have It All Wrong

So you’ve just graduated high school, lived the best summer of your life, and back-to-school time is slowly approaching. The last two weeks of August is dedicated to sad goodbyes, and happy beginnings. Whether you’re going to a big university, or starting off at community college, there’s a few things that you should know before you step into your first college class.

Being the veteran that I am (and still a college student, hehe) I know a thing or two about what it’s all about. And what it’s NOT all about.

Nobody cares what you look like. Literally, I have seen it all. I’ve seen high heels and tights, I’ve seen fury tails on the ends of pants, I’ve seen those awful spongebob pajamas, the list goes on. I, like many others, probably wouldn’t give it a passing thought. You do you. College is certainly not a fashion show. BUT BEWARE! It might seem like a great idea to wear your pajamas all the time, but I would suggest wearing normal clothes. Be clean looking, and well groomed. High school girls love love looooove to dress up, (as did I) but it’s totally not worth it.

The 8 AM myth. People will warn you to NOT take 8 AM classes. That’s ridiculous! You have gotten up at 6 AM in the morning for the past 12 years, you can wake up for an 8 AM class. The benefits of early classes are that you get out early, and have time for the day to work, do homework, or just have some personal time to do whatever! Take early classes, create good sleeping habits, and learn to discipline yourself, trust me, it’ll help in the future.

Rate my professor is a real, and helpful thing. There this website called ratemyprofessor and past/current students will talk about the teacher, rate them based on work ethic, attendance, and overall helpfulness. This website helped me a bunch when signing up for classes that had multiple teachers to choose from. It helps knowing if a professor is easy to understand, is extra helpful, or gives you a lot of homework!

Wait till the first day of class to get your textbooks. Sometimes the professor will tell you that you don’t really need the textbook for their class, and that alone will save you $$$. College textbooks are EXPENSIVE. If you don’t have a job, or have scholarships, or no financial support at all, there are websites that can provide free textbooks! I’ve personally always rented them, because it’s cheaper, and you don’t own the book, so you give it away when the class ends.

Party party party. NO. Stop right there. If you think you are going to go to college and arty every night with your sorority sisters or frat bros, you are making such a big mistake. While college may provide you more of a social outlet than ever before, this is the time to really do well and shape your future! There have been many horror stories of students who did not care about their classes, and that sense of independence took a terrible wrong turn. You are more independent and on your own than you have ever been, it’s time to step up the responsibility and prove it to yourself that you CAN succeed without anyone else.

College and education in general is very important. It’s a chance to further your education and provide an opportunity to figure out what you want to do with your life, and provide you with the tools to sharpen up your skills, or learn more about a certain field. To go to college is a blessing, as many people do not have the opportunities to get further education. Make the best of it while you are there, and remember: GET SOME SLEEP. You’re gonna need it. 🙂

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