Christian Girl vs. Social Media. Who Will Win?

As Christians, we are exposed to the evil of this world, and the temptation to give in can be so hard, so appealing, and so easy to let it take over and distract ourselves from our Godly path. What’s even a harder, personally, is being a Christian young adult living in today’s society- let me tell you.

Social media is a staple in my generation’s childhood. We were born with computers, radios, tv’s, cellphones, and with the advancement of such technologies, future generations to come will have so much more.

My parents were kind enough to allow me my own personal time allotted on the computer growing up, and I had the freedom to explore and discover social media. With such freedom, comes such trust, and my parents hold me to that same trust this very day. They trust me that I won’t make a fool of myself online, or produce such shameful content that would embarrass myself, and more importantly, the Lord. Luckily, I think I turned out alright, but I unfortunately can not say the same for other girls.

Social media is such a powerful tool, that people will do their research, and claim their evidence based solely off receipts found from tweets or Instagram posts! It’s astounding how much knowledge one can obtain from a long Tumblr post written by a user that thinks they know what they’re talking about. Social media can persuade young minds; young minds that are still growing, developing, and unfortunately, accumulating such ignorance from ungodly ethics/morals/people in general.
As a Christian girl growing up with social media, it was definitely a struggle to see other girls my age act so inconsiderable online. Girls everywhere posting inappropriate pictures, promoting alcoholism, and even putting abusive drugs in a positive light! Girls- What message does that send to everyone else about who you are? Is that what you want little girls to see you as? Is that how you truly want to present yourself to the world? It’s all so interesting to me- the thought process of these young adults!

Not saying I am perfect, for I am soooo far from it. But the battle of social media is an ongoing struggle that Christian girls have to deal with. The answer? There may not be one proper strategy to teaching your kid how to use the internet safely. BUT. I have come across some safe alternatives that are Christian-based websites for girls of all ages. The main one being
Project Inspired.This website is a beauty/lifestyle website for girls that is safe, positive, and helps Christian girls living in such a faithless world. This website contains beauty and fashion tips, (one of their series is called Modest is Hottest and I absolutely ADORE it!), lifestyle advice, girl talk forums, love advice, and much, much more.

It’s sites like these that really inspire me to be a good example online. They have some articles that feature what it’s like to live in this world as a Christian girl, and even a guide to being a Christian in non-Christian jobs.

1 Timothy 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

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