Think Fashion Savvy

Here’s just a few outfit ideas I found off of Pinterest that are super cute! Best worn in the workplace or casually out and about looking posh and awesome as ever.
I’m trying to transition my style to incorporate more professional looks, so if you have any suggestions or sites I can look at, let me know!

outfitThis first outfit looks so clean and polished looking. The colors can very, but the pale pink blazer with matching heels definitely complete this b&w outfit.

Here’s the website that shows you more of these outfits with a professional twist! Glamradar

Definitely pay attention to the gold jewelry and hair as well, they provide a finishing tough turning this professional/casual look into a sophisticated summery outfit.

outfit 3

This one is my favorite. Her tan skin compliments this yellow cardigan/blazer and these white shorts! What’s important about this outfit is her shiny sandals, and statement necklace. Those accessories complete the outfit, but I love this look and it’s perfect to look professional but not over heat in this blazing Texas weather.

Here’s a website showing you eight cute outfits that incorporate yellow 🙂

outfit 2

<< I’m kind of in love with white pants, especially rolled at the ankle, this little trick actually helps finish off your look, and gives it more of a clean cut vibe. The purple blazer is a cute color pop but it can change to be any color for this all white outfit!

Here’s the website to more looks like this one:) Glamradar

outfit 4

As much as I love white, I love love love black! It’s so flattering to any figure, and this all black outfit is pulled off ever so elegantly with the twist ponytail and statement necklace! I definitely want to try this outfit sometime. this black skinnies and heels are a must, the hair can change, but when the hair is pulled back with dramatic makeup it gives off a better professional look. Now time to buy a necklace like this one!

Here’s a website explaining how to look polished at all times!


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