Work Woes: Whiny Barista

I’ve concluded that I am the whiny barista.
Look. I work hard at my store. I do my job correctly, I keep things in order, I make sure things are done thoroughly and efficiently. I am friendly to all baristas and customers alike. I am fair, I am focused, but I am also very, very whiny.

Not sure if it’s the gruesome drive to work, my manager being moody while everyone is having their best day, hours constantly changing, I just seem to be extra whiny about going to work lately. We all have that phase. A job is a job though and, you gotta work.

Sassy Barista and Dark Barista are getting married!!! I’ so excited for them. And I get to be a bridesmaid 🙂 Speaking of which, wedding weekend round two is coming, and I will definitely update you on that quite soon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.43.37 PMFor now, Spiritual Barista dropped off some gummy worms, so I made a dirt pie frappucino with lil worms. I know, cute name.

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