Feel Good Fridays

When you aren’t feeling too well, or just have some time off from work, here’s some things that make me feel a whole lot better!

Take a hot shower, and then get in bed.show4

For some reason, after a long hot shower, putting on your pj’s and getting into bed is the most relaxing feeling ever.

Here’s an article on how to sleep better and develop a bedtime routine!

Washing your face, moisturizing, and putting on fancy creams.


Making sure your skin is healthy is always an important hygiene tip, but it feels so good with cool creams working its way through your pores!

I always use Mary Kay products for face cleansers, eye cream, and moisturizer.

Doing your nails, playing around with your hair and makeup.

nail Last night I got bored babysitting my little sister, so we experimented with nail polish and hair! It was fun and I think I have a new ‘do for Sunday 😉

Retail Therapy. shopping2This can be dangerous, just don’t go overboard with spending! But shopping without a time rush or looking for anything in particular can be relaxing.

This girl’s from Confessions of a Shopaholic. I think I should’ve starred in it instead.

Baking! Pinterest has some awesome recipes, which results in delicious treats.
Here’s a great Pinterest tag for great ideas!

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