Wedded Bliss: Bridesmaid Beauty

So in the midst of late May and Early June, wedding season in my circle has finally begun! I’ve been lucky enough to be a bridesmaid at a few of them, and just attending in some. But my favorite part of being a bridesmaid is dressing up, of course. From the dress to the hair to the makeup to the shoes, every aspect is important.

For this special upcoming wedding, here’s a few looks I’ve gathered together. Now, the dress will be altered to bScreen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.00.16 PMe a bit more form fitting, but here’s what we’re working with.

I really want my hair to be down, but still look elegant and not plain, so we can easily fix that with a half up half down look. Thanks to handy-dandy pintrest, I gathered a few hair styles from Diana Agron and Julienne Hough that look gorgeous. sefiohjesf;oi

dSomething soft, not      too curly is  what I’m  going for.

I also snagged this cute nail polish from Sally’s today along with my originalRemy hair extentions! Super cute color. Pale pink is deff classic cute. I’m going to post all the links to some websites that are perfect when searching for your wedding look!

Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas
Pale Pink Nail Polish
Remy Clip In Extentions
Cute nude/silver shoes that go with any dress!
Here and Here 

I’ll post pics of my actual look at the end of the month 🙂

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