Work Woes: Barista Life

You know it’s not easy juggling being a college student and having a job. Oh yeah and having a life. Money (unfortunately) is so vital to our education, our means of living, that I wouldn’t know how to survive without my own source of income. Mooch of my parents? Forget that! 2015-04-23 16.13.34

I work at a big chain coffee shop, won’t say the name for legal purposes, but you could probably guess. After stepping down from my waitress days, this definitely is a different environment. I like it most days. But then… then there are those days where the whole world is coming to an end, and the apocalypse is near. All in that darn coffee shop.
Here’s a cute drink I’ve concocted. >>>>>>>

All the baristas have big personalities, which makes it even more interesting. There’s codenames I gave them actually. There’s dance barista, dark barista, sad barista, angry barista, and much much more. I’ll update you from time to time on my work woes. I guess I’ll end this here with some cute barista pics. Hehe.

2015-04-25 13.16.07   2015-01-16 20.51.14


  1. thekatiekayblog

    I can so relate to you, I work while going to school full time, it’s crazy trying to balance all of that while having a job and trying to maintain a life outside it all. I won’t even mention having a relationship or meeting up with friends!

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