Motivation Mondays: My 9 Step Workout Routine


Channel you’re inner victoria secret angel, or your favorite female olympic athlete, all of them work hard to stay in shape and keep their bodies toned and fit. But of course all of these extraordinary women, and myself, believe it’s best to be comfortable with your own body regardless the shape or size! I love to stay in shape and be fit, so this is my own personal little workout routine that’s perfect for cardio, running, and quick exercises to keep you going through the week.

runningAlways do ab workouts before running.
This makes sure that your abdominals don’t become oddly shaped. Running after intense ab workouts helps release tension built up in the muscles.

1. Stretch! Lower your body and reach to the ground, and extend your arms and reach up. Stretching those arms and legs of yours is important to avoid cramping and muscular injuries.
2. I like to start out with 60 crunches, then 10 left side crunches, and 10 right side crunches. Totaling out to 80 crunches.
3. Sneak in a few lunges and squats while working on abs! No harm done to tone up a little booty. 10 wide legged squats.
4. 40 russian twists. Killer, but great. This works best with holding one weight, I use an 8 pound, but whatever you feel comfortable with works.
5. 10 more wide legged squats. Come on! You can do it.
6. Star jumps. Oh how I hate and will forever hate star jumps. 10 of these, I applaud you if you can actually do more at this point
7. Stretch break! Almost done with out quick workout.
8. Jumping jacks in a circle. 10 to the front, 10 to the side, 10 to the back, and 10 to the other side. Totaling 40 jumps.
9. You have no reached the point of the running stage, here I love to finish out this workout with 1 or 2 miles, light jog or mild run, up to you.

Great ab workout video by a pro fitness expert, Robert Brace here
Full body 10 minute workout with Andrea Orbeck here, I LOVE HER!!

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