Late Night Nothing To Do’s

It’s approaching 11PM, and you have a choice to make. You can head to bed early for good night’s rest, ready to beat that 8AM class, or take the early shift at work. OR you can stay up till stupid o’clock in the morning like the rest of us night owls, partying till the sun comes up full of regret when you miss your early morning yoga class. Bummer.

Tossing and turning in your bed is the worst! Here’s some things I like to do that hopefully will give you some late night inspiration.

SocialMediaIconcollageIt’s time to check up on all the social media websites you decided to create 5 years ago. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, Instagram, LinkedIn, hey, maybe even that youtube channel you started when you were feeling creative in the 10th grade.

Or, opting to disregard your crazy aunt’s post about her dying cat, or expected baby #8, lets ignore social media craziness and hop onto Netflix. The best thing the internet invented since webkinz honestly. (Don’t quote me on that.) I’m currently OBSESSED with Grey’s Anatomy, which I’ll make a separate post all on it’s own. I’m only on season three so no spoilers! My favorite is George. He’s such a sweetheart. Did you hear he’s coming back to the show?! Greys-Anatomy

Another great thing to do that might be a little more proactive, is to read a book! Did you know in highschool, I stayed up all night reading the second part of Breaking Dawn? Gosh. Those were the days. I tried to explain it to my mom that I couldn’t go to school the next morning, she caught me sobbing around 5 in the morning with book in hand. Needless tBreaking_Dawn_covero say, I went to school.

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